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Posted on: January 23, 2014

Everyday everytime i think.. why can’t i trust other people? aren’t they lying to me? maybe because they are not trustable? but one thing, i can never be good, esp to the people who are not good to me…
I’m nice or not, you decide…
*broken grammar? let’s do it in Korean..OTL
매일매일 생각할때마다, 내가 왜 단사람을 못믿지, 얘는 나한테 거짓말하는건지 아닌지, 얘를 믿을수 있을까? 없을까?
한, 나는 좋은사람아냐, 못난사람이야, 나한테 안잘해주면 물론 나도 그사람한테 잘하지는거 못하겠지???
まあー いいっか?나중에 나도 행복할거야.. 혼자서도 행복할수 있을걸…
끝. 아침생각 – with Keiyo & Mba Yati at Rumah Sakit Pondok Indah – Medical Rehabilitation & Physiotherapy

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