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This is how my (ex)site looked like… :))

Posted on: November 21, 2012

I’m not ashamed of this.. but this is how i am in the past.. not now… the more we look to the past and u will see JaeJoong sitting on a chair so beautifully and a speech balloon that said: “Puma kemana yaa..kok lama banget sihh…”

Wkkk what was I thinking in the past? idek n i don’t even want to know… heoooll… xDDD

2 Responses to "This is how my (ex)site looked like… :))"

Ahuhuhu xDDDD gw juga blog lamanya kurang lebih demikian. Bacanya bikin tepok jidat xDDDD

Hihihii…gw juga..tp disini akhirnya jd escapade twitter…jikalau gw bnr2 ga pgn ada yg bc/malah bc aja i dont care..loooll

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