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I Wrote This on June 16th, 2012

Posted on: October 13, 2012

He’s my light…
he’ll always be my baby, in terms of honey,darling…not a baby babies…
he gives me hope..he gives me light…
he should know that, because he has his fans.. for some fans, they give us hope, strength to fight in this world… they shone under the spotlight.. however these give me something to hang on.. to do and achieve something..
because for few people, they might be live in the dark, feel like some shit, and have nothing but hope..
idol gives them what they need… sound pathetic but it’s true..
not all condition is the same for everyone, they might be sick, strugling, fighting, for their own sake, or family, or whatever…i dunno but, they need something to hold on, to give the strength they need… and that’s where my idol stand for me… even if they don’t know that… 
It’s okay..i never want something from him, or them… better off not knowing their real life / condition too, cause it might not be what i expected..it might be not what i’m hoping or dreaming of them…
That’s why..the truth better not be told…

but you.. don’t worry.. you’re never be the one for me..i never felt attracted to u like me to him..don’t ask me why i dunno but…
thank God..bcos i was led to him…my dearest Light..Kim Key Bum…

PS: i wrote this long time ago..few months ago… now i feel like..i dunno, this is right?
I (almost) always have some kind of feeling when i should or shouldn’t do something…before i thought i knew what that will it become ahead..
Anw, he the first him is different with he/him in the second part, or somehow the second topic..and him(2nd) is the same with the last you..


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