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C. I. L. Y. O. A?

Posted on: October 13, 2012

Can i love u once again? CILYOA…
i like Senayan.. because u made me happy.. u made me happy that day so i dont want to n i wont forget that day full of my memories of u..(and ofc in my memory card too,lulhs)
i like Senayan…

Because on that very special day, u looked at my camera.. even tho i know u might be look at hundreds or thousands of other camera too.. but at least one of that is my camera.. u looked at my camera, multiple times at that.. And even pointed at my camera too… I thank you so much for that.. because, u know… one of… Rihanna’s fans comment makes me wanna quote it: “thank u,for respecting us individually.. because we are individuals and we individually love u..”
So that’s it.. so right… we’re also individuals, even tho u maybe look at us as one ocean of people..but remember each person have a special heart and love for u and thats different one from another…

That moment..just like the first time i fallen in love with u..just like that very day i met u and fall for u…

So, can i love you once again?
Can i love you once again?
Can i love you once again?
Everytime i felt like broke down and want to surrender cos i was so soo exhausted and want to puke cos im sick and whatever…
When i remember ur smile that was like the light that reminds me to keep go on.. fight for my life…
Now even tho i knew that smile might be not for me/us…can i enjoy ur smile at least when u respect us on stage?
So, now i just want to ask, because everytime i feel brokenhearted towards u i just came back loving u once more, and once more, wanting to love u more…

So now..i just want to ask…
Can i love u once again? And once again? And once again? Just untill i fell and i cant love u anymore…

Can I Love You Once Again?

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