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Youngstreet schedule 100719-100725

Posted on: July 19, 2010

This week’s Youngstreet schedule:

– Mon: Unlicensed agent 1077, guess: Lady Jane, Rio/Leo*?* (Bora),

– Tue: Chul Strong Heart, guess: defconn, Rainbow Jisook (Bora),

– Wed: Heephra Winfrey Show, guess: missA (Bora),

– Thu: Heaven of Proud Children, guess: H-Eugene, Kim Saerom (Bora),

– Fri: Music Ointment, guess: Beige, Illac (Bora),

– Sat: Music Take-out Youngs-box Music Selection YeahYeahYeah , guess: TRAX-Jay (No Bora),

– Sun: Music Take-out Youngs-box, Old Street, guess:Ju Yeonghun, TRAX-Jungmo (No Bora)

eng-trans: yaoiraburu, CREDIT WHEN TAKING OUT!!!

source: http://radio.sbs.co.kr/yososexy/ ^^

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